Another great evening that is for you and about you - about our customers. In various categories, we announce personalities of the year that you nominate yourself. There are many polls about famous people, but you are famous for us. That is why we want to award you and we are glad if you actively participate in one of the best party of the year. Each year you can support your favourites for each category by voting to decide on the winners. The vote will take place during April and the ceremony will be held on Friday 31.7.2020 evening.



You can vote in the Friends Awards poll from 01.07. here:


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Survey results for 2020

Nejlepší barman: Lukáš

Nejlepší DJ: White Cat

Nejlepší moderátor: Gizela Kova

Nejlepší travesti: Vlasta Wild

Nejlepší pár: Fanda Pravda & Honza Soukup

Nejlepší buzní kamarádka: Pavlína Budařová

Největší flundra: Kevin Doucha

Největší gay: Jaromír Šeda

Největší lesba: Isabela Houdková

Biggest hetero: David Kruml

Best Friends customer František Pravda

Who will be placed in the Friends Awards 2020 poll? The decision is only and only on YOU!

Prizes not collected during the evening have been forfeited and cannot be collected and redeemed later.