Vážení zákazníci, na základě rozhodnutí ministra zdravotnictví, jsme byli nuceni brány Friends opět uzavřít. Věříme, že to nebude na dlouho a za krátkou dobu Vás zase u nás rádi uvidíme. Váš Friends team



Dear friends and customers,

let us introduce you to our new activity - the cooking of the meal and additional services with delivery to your home. When the government closed our club and didn't help us in any way, even though the government promises a lot on television,we had to stand on our own and find the next way. We have been thinking about this project for a long time, and because we have our own food delivered and we are often not satisfied, we wanted to change it. To cook great food and offer more options to others. 


After a month of the hard work, we launched www.jidlodom.cz . We will try to do our best to delight your delicate tongues. We believe that we will succeed.


We will be grateful for your support and for giving us a chance to order food via our website directly to your home.

We wish you good apetit

For the friends we are open

PONDĚLÍ dočasně zavřeno
ÚTERÝ dočasně zavřeno
STŘEDA dočasně zavřeno
ČTVRTEK dočasně zavřeno
PÁTEK dočasně zavřeno
SOBOTA dočasně zavřeno
NEDĚLE dočasně zavřeno




It is easy to find us

Friends club in Prague

the place for all goodwill

Welcome to the website of your favourite club in the centre of the capital city. Every day we are ready (from 7 pm) to mix a cocktail of the best Prague's entertainment at prices that you will not find elsewhere in the centre of Prague.

Friends means FRIENDS and we are your friends and we want you to feel that way with us. Our Friends Star Team listen to your needs, suggestions, ideas, no matter how insane they are. We don't know the word impossible. We will do everything for you, try it, arrange it. Check out the profiles of those who care for you, who play for you, or spend evenings by having fun. Your bartenders, presenters, DJs and MC's are already looking forward to meeting you personally.

What is the news?

We Love Friends


Our DJ's, MC's and the others

You will surely agree with us that some of the most important people involved in Friends are those who play or moderate amazing nights for you. They are seen the most and thanks to them the entertainment often stretches into the early morning hours.

Let's take a closer look at some of them:

DJ MeeVee

DJ's of Friends club

DJ Pierre Marco

DJ's of Friends club

MC Kristina

MC's of Friends club