Je to tak jednoduché! Prostě si vytvoř účet v naší nové aplikaci a ukaž svou kartu v mobilu barmanovi ve Friends, aby mohl přiřadit číslo karty. Nebo řekni barmanovi a  vyplň si registrační formulář. Nezapomeň se dole podepsat! Karta stojí 50,- Kč a hned ji můžeš používat.

Welcome to the VIP Customer's Club of Friends club!

Thanks to your registration to the club you have gained VIP STAMGAST discount card that brings you many benefits.

All men have a discount with this card the next day 5% for each purchase, and 10% is returned to you in the form of points, so you receive from us right up 15% off. In addition, you can get a total discount up to 30% depending on how much you have spent in total. The discount is counted through a period of 3 months and how often you will use it, the higher discount will you have. The discount amount is updated every quarter.

And there is something for the others too. With VIP STAMGAST card they get from us 10% of the spend in the form of points back, which they can then spend at the bar for their drinks.

To make use of your earned points, all you have to do is show your card and notify the bartender in advance of the payment. Any bartender will be happy to find out the current amount of points.

In addition, every first Friday of the month within WE LOVE FRIENDS party we will announce the most loyal customer for the previous month and he will have only for himself, throughout the evening 50% off. Everyone else after presenting our VIP STAMGAST card have throughout the evening 15% off. And of course, you can look forward to an evening full of fun and surprises!

Tired of paying for each individual drink and waiting at the bar for a change back? Just charge the card with credit and then use it as a normal credit card. All you have to do is submit it and notify the bartender of the payment by credit, and in a second you can go back to the dance floor without waiting. Also, there is no risk of losing your credit card or wallet.

If you accidentally lose your card, please let us know as soon as possible so we can block it immediately and when you set up a new card, we will transfer all points, credits and discounts to your new card.

Ale pozor! Sleva se nevztahuje na položky v akci a tabákové výrobky.

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