Even on Mondays, we have also a disco, so you can have fun on the dance floor until the morning! On Mondays, you can look forward to your favourite DJ Kova, who cloud play on request too. Come and enjoy Monday's party and forget that the weekend is long over. There is nothing better than to start a new hectic week by relaxing with your friends at Friends because a little party has never killed anybody… 


Karaoke Night

Want to become your favourite star for a few minutes? Come to the best karaoke party in Prague at the club FRIENDS. There are a lot of songs on the list, from well-known and less known world and Czech artists. There is a stage and a full audience club. Come and see that you will have a great time and maybe you will become a pop star. And if you don't want to sing, don't worry, because our DJs have great dance music ready for you, so you won't be bored.



Friends presents you with a unique entertainment concept for you and your friends. Every Wednesday you can look forward to an original themed evening produced by Gizely Kova. These evenings combine phenomenal Drag Queens performances, fun games, great music and the opportunity to meet someone new. For better orientation, each guest receives a coloured bracelet, so you know immediately what each guest plans during the evening. Getting acquainted has never been easier! And believe that Gizela will take care of it!


Travesti show

Thursday is the day when you can be sure of only one thing in the Friends Club - you will have a great time!
If you meet a charming long-legged beauty, you might be surprised by the “surprise” hiding under her skirt. Thursdays are fun evenings and you will not be bored with us! Each of the amazing travesty artists has their own style and specific sense of humour. Let yourself be seduced and you can have fun royally! Plus, you have free entry - well, you definitely can't miss it.


we love friends

There is nothing more than love, friends and fun. We try to bring it to you every day in a different form and you choose what you enjoy and it makes us really happy. Often you come up with the idea that you want karaoke, travesty, or connection party even at the weekend… And that is why we put on the program for every first Friday of the month We Love Friends party, where you will have all the forms of entertainment our club. So we start karaoke to keep you warm. You will definitely not be alone, thanks to the unique entertainment format of Connection party. Followed by travesty performances and we will combine it with the best music from our great DJs. This evening will just be full of love and programme, so don't miss it out…


Every second Friday we focus on the famous star, playing mostly her hits and after midnight she performs herself (or her imitator?). An evening full of fun, competitions, great music and great drinks, that's Friends club!

Hot naviGAYtion Party

Hot naviGAYtion party is back at Friends! It will be a really hot evening, then the HOTtest with midnight- if you don't get too hot from the hot competition by then, the men's strip show will force you to need to cool down a bit!


Oldies Songs

Jak sa říká, stará láska nerezaví a devadesátky a starší už vůbec ne 🙂 Zkrátka a dobře opět 
we will do the most at the OLDIES disco full of competitions and prizes, but mainly mega entertainment, and every Saturday at Friends Club, where it is fully run every day. On Saturdays, we dream and remember
good old hits! Come steam with us, divert and dance till dawn.


Club Quiz

You and your friends build a team. More heads know more, but if you believe in yourself you can play on your own. You and your friends will come to the Friends club on Sunday at 10pm, sit down comfortably and test your knowledge in a fun way. Prizes for the best teams are commonplace.