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SRPEN 2021

  Day Parties MCs DJs
1.8.2021 Sunday Warm up a Prague pride Hana Klein Hawai
2.8.2021 Monday Welcome Prague pride party Witek Gizela
3.8.2021 Tuesday Rainbow Karaoke Night Kristina Stanley
4.8.2021 Wednesday Gizela’s Fun House Gizela Fally
5.8.2021 Thursday Extra Travesti Show with Crazy Goddess Vlasta,Naira,Saša Hawai
6.8.2021 Friday NaviGAYtion Night Loki MeeVee
7.8.2021 Saturday Kiss me / Night of Pride Gizela Stanley
8.8.2021 Sunday Good Bye Prague Pride party Wendy/Naira Hawai
9.8.2021 Monday After party Prague Pride 2021  Gizela
10.8.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night Pavel Vanura Stanley
11.8.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela Fally
12.8.2021 Thursday Travesti show Wendy, Sidney Hawai
13.8.2021 Friday Gentleman´s Night Loki Humanbot
14.8.2021 Saturday Megastar night with Cher Wendy Stanley
15.8.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow party Wendy, Hana Humanbot
16.8.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela
17.8.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night Naty Stanley
18.8.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela Fally
19.8.2021 Thursday Travesti show Sisi, Camila Hawai
20.8.2021 Friday Movie night Pavel Vanura MeeVee
21.8.2021 Saturday Oldies Songs  — Stanley
22.8.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow party Wendy, Hana Humanbot
23.8.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela
24.8.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night Loki Stanley
25.8.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela Fally
26.8.2021 Thursday Travesti show Vlasta Madonna Hawai
27.8.2021 Friday Light it up party Kristina Hawai
28.8.2021 Saturday Top Star   Loki Stanley
29.8.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow party Wendy, Hana Humanbot
30.8.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela
31.8.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night Hana Klein Stanley

ZÁŘÍ 2021

1.9.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
2.9.2021ThursdayTravesti show Wendy Adkins, Rebecca de Lux Hawai
3.9.2021Friday We Love Friends Wendy Adkins MeeVee
4.9.2021SaturdayOldies Songs  Marty
5.9.2021SundaySunday Rainbow KVÍZ Loki Ruppin
6.9.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
7.9.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Pavel Vaňura Stanley
8.9.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
9.9.2021ThursdayTravesti show Sisa, Linda Hawai
10.9.2021Friday Hot NaviGAYtion Party Loki Fally
11.9.2021SaturdayMega star Wendy Adkins Marty
12.9.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party Wendy Ruppin
13.9.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
14.9.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Pavel Vaňura Stanley
15.9.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
16.9.2021ThursdayTravesti show Vlasta, Naira Hawai
17.9.2021Friday Baloons Party Pavel VaňuraMeeVee 
18.9.2021SaturdayOldies Songs  Marty
19.9.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party  Ruppin
20.9.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
21.9.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Wítek Stanley
22.9.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
23.9.2021ThursdayTravesti show Julia, Sarah Hawai
24.9.2021Friday  Gizela Hawai
25.9.2021SaturdayTop star LokiMarty
26.9.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party  Ruppin
27.9.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
28.9.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Pavel Vaňura Stanley
29.9.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
30.9.2021ThursdayTravesti show Vlasta, Madonna Hawai

ŘÍJEN 2021

1.10.2021Friday We Love Friends Dolly Noir MeeVee
2.10.2021SaturdayOldies Songs  Stanley
3.10.2021SundaySunday Rainbow Kvíz  Loki Ruppin
4.10.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
5.10.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Kristina Stanley
6.10.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
7.10.2021ThursdayTravesti show Wendy Adkins
Julia Landis
8.10.2021Friday Hot NaviGAYtion Party Loki 
9.10.2021SaturdayMega Star with Lady Gaga  Marty
10.10.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party  Ruppin
11.10.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
12.10.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Pavel Vaňura Stanley
13.10.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
14.10.2021ThursdayTravesti show Vlasta, Naira  Hawai
15.10.2021Friday  Dolly Noir MeeVee
16.10.2021SaturdayOldies Songs  Marty
17.10.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party  Ruppin
18.10.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
19.10.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Wítek Stanley
20.10.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
21.10.2021ThursdayTravesti show Sarah, Evelin Hawai
22.10.2021Friday  Kristina 
23.10.2021SaturdayMega Star  Marty
24.10.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party  Ruppin
25.10.2021MondayRehab MondaysGizela 
26.10.2021TuesdayKaraoke Night Dima  Stanley
27.10.2021WednesdayConnection Gizela’s Fun HouseGizela Fally
28.10.2021ThursdayTravesti show Vlasta, Madonna Hawai
29.10.2021Friday Helloween párty Pavel Vaňura 
30.10.2021SaturdayOldies Songs  Marty
31.10.2021SundaySunday Rainbow party  Ruppin


Dates Day Parties MCs DJs
1.11.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela  
2.11.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night  Dolly Noir  Stanley
3.11.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela  Fally
4.11.2021 Thursday Travesti show  Wendy Adkins,
Sidney PresCott
5.11.2021 Friday  We Love Friends  Kristina  Meevee
6.11.2021 Saturday Oldies Songs    Marty 
7.11.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow KVÍZ  Loki  Ruppin
8.11.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela  
9.11.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night  Pavel Vaňura   Stanley
10.11.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela  Fally
11.11.2021 Thursday Travesti show  Vlasta, Naira  Hawai
12.11.2021 Friday  Hot NaviGAYtion Party  Loki  
13.11.2021 Saturday Mega Star    Marty
14.11.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow party    Ruppin
15.11.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela  
16.11.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night  Witek  Stanley
17.11.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela  Fally
18.11.2021 Thursday Travesti show  Sisa, Linda  Hawai
19.11.2021 Friday    Dolly Noir  MeeVee
20.11.2021 Saturday Oldies Songs    Marty
21.11.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow party    Ruppin
22.11.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela  
23.11.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night  Kristina   Stanley
24.11.2021 Wednesday Connection Gizela’s Fun House Gizela  Fally
25.11.2021 Thursday Travesti show  Vlasta, Madonna  Hawai
26.11.2021 Friday    Pavel Vaňura  
27.11.2021 Saturday Top Star  Loki  Marty
28.11.2021 Sunday Sunday Rainbow party    Ruppin
29.11.2021 Monday Rehab Mondays Gizela  
30.11.2021 Tuesday Karaoke Night     Stanley

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