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Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)

MC Kristina


My name is Kristina Sitková – feel free to add me on Facebook and you can be sure, that you won´t miss any of my parties at Friends ;-) I´m working at Friends club as MC since 2010 and every 3rd Tuesday of month I prepare some special KARAOKE party. If you are too shy to sing, maybe I can help you with your „first steps“.

Most of my time I dedicate to theatre, where I perform since I was 3 and I hope I will continue with it as long as I can. If you want to see me on stage, don´t hesitate to visit National Theatre in Prague, Theatre Lampion in Kladno and some other venues. If you have some questions on me – feel free to leave a message on FB.

Have a nice day or evening! I´m looking forward to meeting you at Friends and having a great party! As I say: „A little party never killed nobody!“ :)