Our DJ's, MC's and the others

You will surely agree with us that some of the most important people involved in Friends are those who play or moderate amazing nights for you. They are seen the most and thanks to them the entertainment often stretches into the early morning hours.

Let's take a closer look at some of them:


DJ MeeVee

DJ MeeVee, real name Miroslav Vincenc (hence the pseudonym MeeVee), who comes from Central Slovakia, has been interested in dance music since his early years. He started playing in 2007 at the former Valentino club, where he became a resident right after his premiere. Since then he has been mainly involved in the gay dance scene and currently plays in several gay clubs in Prague. His wide music archive ranges from the 1970s to the present, with an emphasis on the current dance scene on the most famous hit parade songs and remixes.

DJ WhiteCat

DJane WhiteCat entered the music scene in 2011 (mainly because of her life partner - DJ Marty Blue, who led her to play) and fulfilled her dream to play for people and not just to dance on the dance floor? She played in many clubs all over the Czech Republic, and because she is a big supporter of the gay community, she plays primarily on the Czech gay scene. She was a resident of the closed ON Club, later she also performed at the same place at the AXM club and played on the DJ's stage of the Prague Pride in the years 2013 and 2019. She is characterized by her extravagant hairstyles and outfits. She likes various styles of house music (progressive, future, funky, happy). She loves R'n'B or 90s.

DJ Hawai

Was born in Jablonec nad Nisou. He has been working as a DJ since 2004. During his career, he went through a lot of classical discos and got into the Friends club. He has been playing in this club for a couple of years and playing the biggest hits from the 1970s to the present. He always tries to get the best out of himself - thanks to the people who attend his party and give him the energy to play.

DJ Pierre Marco

Pierre Marco, who has been involved in DJing since 2005 and joined the Prague club scene in 2012, had the opportunity to play in leading clubs throughout the Czech Republic and is well known for his refined musical taste, especially the 70s and 80s. years. These remixes, which he plays regularly, are mostly between soulful-deep funk-disco-groovy house styles.

DJ Bobina

DJ Gizela Kova


MC Kristina

My name is Kristina Sitkova - you can add me on Facebook and write there so you will never miss my karaoke 🙂 As an MC I became in July 2010 - since then every 3rd Tuesday of the month with iron regularity I moderate KARAOKE party. I try to invent themes so that not only our regulars but also random visitors from abroad are entertained. Ob I sometimes help shy visitors with singing and I love to pick up a song myself. Hosting various Friends parties is not my only program. Most of the time it takes me a theatre that has kept me since I was three years old and it looks like I won't be allowed for some time. If you would like to see me "on the desks, what the world means", try to get lost to the National Theater, the Lampion Theater in Kladno and other places. Have a nice day or evening and look forward to seeing you at Friends! Perhaps you will enjoy it at least as much as the presenters enjoy 🙂

MC Pavel

He is an occasional actor, singer and most of all a dreamer with his head still in the clouds. Every evening, when he is at the microphone, he tries to entertain everyone in the club and is not afraid to make fun of others, even of himself. If you meet him during the Karaoke Evening and sing some Adele's song, you will immediately improve his evening. He likes to chat with everyone, so if you are at the club for the first time and alone, feel free to talk a few words with him and maybe it will help you to get acquainted.

MC Gizela Kova

Gizela Kova has been active in Prague for more than 4 years. Its roots range from Puerto Rico to Miami, so it has a truly Latin heart. She is the founder and mother of House of Kova, the creator of Queens on the Run and the unforgettable Drag Queen that you must see at her Wednesday Gizela's Fun House parties, which are part of Gizela's Connection Parties at Friends club. She is not only excellent in her shows but is also a funny comedian and a great host. Occasionally, you can meet her at the Friends club behind the DJ's stage as well.

MC Loki

He is originally from Havirov, but now he could be is almost called “Prager”. He has been moderating at Friends for a few years and you will meet him for 100% every Sunday when he organizes the Club QUIZ for you, which can't be simply found anywhere else. You can find him at the bar in different days except for Sunday and don't be afraid to ask him for a shot! He loves to have it with you for sure. When he is not doing some of the crazy competition at Friends, he plays tennis or eats.

MC Star

Hieee! My name is Mark and I am the youngest member of our Friends team. I have been living in Prague since I was born, and I am absolutely typical Praguer and I am proud of it! I have no siblings, but two dogs are enough (although I would not be angry if they turned into cats ^ _ ^).

The name Star has a clear reason - I'm just a STAR 😀 At Friends, as a moderator, I am mainly trying to make the Prague's night queer entertainment at least somehow come close to the world's format. New and sophisticated contests, unusual themes and attitude to the evenings are my main attributes as a moderator 🙂

It may not seem like this, but this work takes quite a while. Even so, I have enough time for my main hobby and it is a drag (you can know me under the name Laylla Riel). As a drag queen I have to know about makeup, hair styling, clothes, I have to know how to dance and much more and that is mine, I would not change this anytime. Although I study at science university, I would like to work as a make-up artist in the future.

And we have to not forget also our artists who will take care of your entertainment as well:

Vlasta Wild

Julia Landis

Gizela Kova