Date of event WE LOVE FRIENDS

Friday - 01/02/2030
Available time to make the reservation: 21:00 - 22:00

Event venue
Friends Club & Bar Prague


There is nothing more than love, friends and fun. We try to bring it to you every day in a different form and you choose what you enjoy and it makes us really happy. Often you come up with the idea that you want karaoke, travesty, or Gizela's connection party even at the weekend… And that is why we put on the program for every first Friday of the month We Love Friends party, where you will have all the forms of entertainment of our club. So we start karaoke to keep you warm. You will definitely not be alone, thanks to the unique entertainment format of Gizela's Connection Party. It will be followed by Drag performances and we will combine it with the best music from our great DJs. This evening will just be full of love and fun, so don't miss it…. In addition, each evening we evaluate the most loyal customer of the past month, who will be able to drink really for fractions of our prices.


In the comment below, please specify the required time of booking and if we should contact you - to arrange other details like decoration, refreshments, photographer, drag show, strip show, karaoke, etc.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book on this day.