Date of event TRAVESTI SHOW

Thursday 17/03/2022
Available time to make the reservation: 21:00 - 22:00

Event venue
Friends Club & Bar Prague


Thursday is the day when you can be sure of only one thing in the Friends Club - you will have a great time!
If you meet a charming long-legged beauty, you might be surprised at the “surprise” hiding under her skirt. Thursdays are fun evenings and you will not be bored with us! Each of the amazing travesty artists has their own style and specific sense of humour. Let yourself be seduced and you can have fun royally. Evening, when you will see the best Travesti artist from the Czech Republic.
Friends has been engaged in this format of entertainment for over a decade and has a wealth of experience. Therefore, it offers you only the best in this scene. Be it the originality and choreography of the performance, the quality of the costumes or the most beautifully painted faces of our artists. The best you can find every Thursday with us. Moreover, you have free admission, so you definitely can not miss it.


In the comment below, please specify the required time of booking and if we should contact you - to arrange other details like decoration, refreshments, photographer, drag show, strip show, karaoke, etc.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to book on this day.